1st driving lesson…..

Booking a driving instructor is the easy part, getting the right one is the difficult part !

The most successful driving schools are always in demand as they tend not to lead on price, but the quality of their training. This often not only guarantees the pupil the best form of training thus reaching test standard far quicker, but also you ensure that your overall monies paid, will be less than the companies that lead with ‘price lead offers’.

In our experience, the larger companies advertise offers that not straight forward at all. They come with all sorts of terms and conditions that not only tie you in, but is a complete waste of time.

Ask yourself, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is….Also, are they top quality ?

Here is some regular feedback from pupils of Go driving bolton who have trained with us after ‘trying’ the others…….

  1. Instructor did not turn up on time and seemed to interested in just filling time
  2. Pupils did not have the same instructor all the period of training. One pupil recently had 5 different instructors in 5 different cars within a three week period with the AA (Farnworth area)
  3. Lessons were not tailored to the needs and requirements of the pupils and there were poor quality pupil cars
  4. Very slow progress being made through the syllabus
  5. No help what so ever on the Theory. Pupil was just to study and learn themselves
  6. Offers did not live up to expectations
  7. Training was very much on a tell level rather than show and learn manner
  8. The instructors often had little or no personality and was difficult to strike up a relationship. PUPILS DID NOT ENJOY THEIR LESSON TIME!

In short, it makes more sense not to book your driver training based purely on costs, as so often they flatter to deceive and will certainly cost you MORE MONEY AND TIME

Base your search on the quality of training !

Here at go driving, we are probably cheaper than 90% but better than 100%. We are completely dedicated to delivering as much quality coaching to all pupils in as less time frame as possible. Our promise, is that we would never deliver 1 minute ‘s more coaching  than required.