go driving…..in the brand new Golf 150 TSI Life

Go Driving Lessons of Bolton is owned and run by Martin Galway. Martin is a Driving Standards Agency Qualified & Approved Driving Instructor specialising in coaching in a modern, pupil centric manner.

You will learn to drive in Bolton’s premier learner vehicle, the Brand new Golf 150 TSI. With an easy ride style and He-Man Dual Controls, you will soon gain the confidence required to drive on Bolton’s roads.

We use the most up to date coaching and mentoring techniques, alongside the modern training methods and apps on Apple iPads. Every one of our driving lessons is specifically centred on an your needs and requirements. Every learner driver is different, learning at their own speed and retaining information in their own way. We assess your style and adapt ours to match you.

Our aim is to deliver a learning journey that will prepare you not only for your driving test, but for a lifetime of safe and defensive driving. The techniques, methods and vehicle used at Go Driving Lessons provide you with the best possible opportunity of achieving this.