More Good News… Car Insurances Prices Tumble

Car Insurance Prices

There was more good news for motorists this week as reported that the average cost of car insurance fell by almost 1/5 in the last 12 months.

It looks like young drivers here in the north west are the biggest winners in the price drop, despite the area remaining one of the most expensive insurance areas in the country.

Drivers of all ages are benefiting from cheaper car cover but young drivers are the clear winners. 17-year-old motorists have seen prices fall by an average 38.6%  from £3,587 to £2,203.

The rise in black-box car insurance policies is one explanation. With these policies, a device is fitted to your car to monitor driving behaviour. This information is then fed back to your insurer. By demonstrating responsible driving, customers can prove to insurers they present a low risk, and their premium is adjusted accordingly.

At Go Driving Lessons we welcome this news, particularly the evidence that black-boxes are having a positive effect on the driving style and behaviour of young and new drivers. The fact that this change in behaviour is being noted and appreciated by insurers is also encouraging.

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