Go Car Cam !

Beware…..crazy Bolton drivers (including white van man and taxi drivers-ish) who cause havoc on the road because of their own selfish-ness and lack of consideration to other road users, your going to be famous at last!!

Very soon, we are installing the latest HD car cam, that will allow us to not only post them on the website, but can be uploaded in an instant to our Facebook and twitter sites. its got full GPS that also provides speed etc

Due to a couple of near misses purely down to the stupidity of other road users (that apparently hold full licences) we have taken this step, to let everyone see what is happening on the roads in and around Bolton.

This isn’t our crusade against every road user, just the very small, minority, who ‘get away with it’ because the police are not there to witness it…..so guess what, everyone is now going to laugh at you…….and maybe, the police will also be dropping you a visit !!

Safe and happy driving everyone !


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