Go Driving Lessons partner up with Theory Test Pro


We are very pleased to offer all pupils of Go Driving Lessons free of charge account access to ‘Theory Test Pro’.

This is an on-line study programme that provides pupils with absolutely everything you need to pass your driving theory test. It includes, the entire DSA official test question bank, fully interactive Hazard perception video clips, and the very latest Highway code.

This is fully accessed either though the front page of our website (just log on with your unique code), or if you have an iPhone / iPad, just download the free app.

The sole reason why we decided to partner up with Theory Test Pro, is that, it is proven the most effective way of equipping pupils with the correct knowledge to help them pass their theory test first time. The whole point of pupils learning with theory test pro, is that not only we can check on and help pupils with their studies, but more importantly, we can incorporate the theory that is learnt into the practical lessons, in real-time on the in car iPad.

Unlike most other driving schools, who leave their pupils to their own devices when learning the theory just by reading the Highway code (and learning by rote) we opted, at our cost, the more strategic and modern approach learning the theory. So, no more old hat Little pocket books or CD’s, just go in-line and enjoy.

Students that learn with Theory Test Pro, 82% have a first time pass rate as opposed to 41% of students who just learn by reading the books or sit in front on the TV with a CD !

Any questions you may have, please email me at martin@go-driving-lessons.co.uk or call on 07765 408808

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