The Cost of Learning to Drive

The cost of learning to drive

We often get asked “How much will it cost to pass my driving test?” and it’s a tough question to answer, but at Go Driving Lessons of Bolton you can reduce these costs compared to the national average.

Let’s take a look at how block bookings can save you £100s.

Provional Driving License – £50

Before you start to learn to drive, you’ll need to get your provisional license. These currently cost £50 and you can apply online or at your local post office.

Driving Lessons – £830

DSA statistics state that the average learner driver needs 47 x 1 hour lessons before passing their driving test.

At Go Driving Lessons we would suggest a 2 hour 1st Lesson at just £20, then you could take advantage of our block booking discounts to keep your costs to a minimum. Our 30 hour package costs just £540, and we would happily extend this to a 45 hour package at a pro rata cost of £810.

In total, 47 hours of driving lessons with Go would cost just £830.

Driving Theory Test – £31

Every learner driver must pass their Driving Theory Test before taking their Practical Driving Test. These cost £31.

Practical Driving Test – £84

The practical driving test costs £62 on a weekday so that is when we’d suggest taking your test, plus the roads tend to be a bit quieter during the week. If you’d like to use our car to take your test you’ll need to book it for an hour at £22.

Total Cost of Learning to Drive with Go – £995

These figures are of course based on averages and not all students learn at the same rate. But, the average cost of learning with Go Driving Lessons is just £995, thanks to our 1st Lesson and Block Booking offers. This compares to a national average of £1,333 according to U-Switch and £1,343 according to Confused.

Call Martin today to book your 1st Driving Lesson with Go on 07765 408808 or go to our Contact Us page.

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